MH370 Safety Investigation Report

Provided below are the links to the appendices Set 1 - 7 Appendices 1.1A to1.9A

No. Appendices Set 1 - 7 Appendices 1.1A to1.9A
1. Appendix 1.1A LOA DCAM & Vietnam ATM
2. Appendix 1.6A Recent Technical Log Entries
3. Appendix 1.6B Engine Health Monitoring Decoded Data
4. Appendix 1.6C 9M MRO Radio Licence
5. Appendix 1.6D ELT Activation Summary
6. Appendix 1.6E Aircraft Performance Analysis MH370 (9M-MRO)
7. Appendix 1.9A ACARS Traffic Log

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